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Tammy Renee Adams


The things I remember about my Junebug is that he was always going without things to make sure me and the boys had things, or if he was sick he would try so hard to go to work, or do things around the house to make it was not falling down. He loved to watch sports, or to raze me when my Ou Sooners was losing, or just to get me all wound up..What I miss the most is hearing him telling his little corny jokes, or trying his best to scare me to death, but now he was very good at that. He would always wait until I turned out all the lights and wait in the hallway and grab my leg or ankle to scare me.  It was hard for me to watch the superbowl by myself because we always watched it together, and always the oposite team against each other to see who's team was that was funny because I always gave him such a hard time when his team was losing. We always sat around on the weekends and listen to our music,and always sung our songs together. He loved to hear me sing. He just thinks I have a beautiful voice, and he always wanted me and his brother Rich to record a song together because of our voices. Our songs was "Picture" by kid rock & sheryl crow, & "In Another's Eyes" by garth brooks & trisha Yearwood. Plus if we had a little spat before he went to work he always called me when he got there to say he was sorry, and that he loved me. He always called me during the day to make sure everything was alright and the boys. but more that anything I miss that just to hear him say "I Love You and your my world wouldn't be nothing without you here by my side"
We always talked about renewing our wedding vows one day, but I know that won't happen,a nd that hurts the most. But the 15 years that we had together was wonderful and I wouldn't trade them for anything, and if we could go back in time I know we would change some things but not all of them. He will always have a part of my heart and soul, and he took a part of my life when he left that terrible night. I don't know if I'll ever get that back. But I know he took my love with him, and if I know him he's probably up there bragging about me and the boys to everybody :0) he always did that, because that's how much that man loved me and his beautiful boys that we had together. He'll never be forgotten, and I will always carry his love with me in my heart for eternity, and I'M VERY PROUD TO BE HIS WIFE OF 15 YEARS & ALWAYS WILL UNTIL ETERNITY. 
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